: BT&T black pepper & parmesan fries, chipotle aioli $5
: Assorted house crafted pickled vegetables $6
: Fiery chicharron $7
: Wings, choice of sauce: sweet chili, buffalo, golden bbq, blue cheese dip, celery $14
: Everything pretzel, everything spice, pimento cheese, IPA mustard $8
: Asian sticky ribs, toasted peanut, korean “gremolata” $14
: Crispy brussels sprouts, lemon-honey vin, allepo pepper $8
: Spicy crab dip, cast iron baked, tabasco, lemon, old bay potato chips $14
: Shrimp papas bravas, spicy paprika aioli, cilantro, crisp shallot $14
: Whipped ricotta, seasonal preserve, grilled bread, sea salt, evoo $7
: Fried feta cheese, lemon honey, togarashi $8


: Smoked tomato and gouda bisque, fire roasted tomato, chive cream, EVOO $8
: Baby kale salad, honeycrisp apple, aged cheddar, farro, spiced pecans, maple-cider vin $12
: Caesar salad, gem lettuce, parmesan, smoked bacon, anchovies, baguette croutons $12
: Shaved brussel salad, sweet potato, fennel, dried cherry, sunflower seed, orange-anise vin $12
: Simple greens, cukes, red onion, radish, currant, sourdough crouton, lemon & herb vin $10
    Add to any salad: Chicken +$6, Shrimp +$8, Salmon +$10, Swordfish +$12, Falafel +$7


 All handhelds served with house fries
: BT&T burger*, sharp cheddar pimento spread, bacon-tomato jam, lettuce, brioche $16
: Falafel, lemon & herb tahini sauce, cukes, tomato, radish, greens, naan $14
: Lamb burgeza*, fried feta, honey, lettuce, tomato, herb yogurt, brioche $17
: Crispy chicken, L, T, b&b pickles, lemon slaw, spicy remoulade, onion brioche $15
: Grilled cheese, secret 5 cheeses, apple butter, bacon, country white bread $14
: 1/2# house made pastrami, sliced thick, IPA mustard, pickle, pretzel roll $17


: 14 oz grilled ribeye*, grilled scallion and garlic butter, BT&T fries $35
: Grilled swordfish, romesco, charred broccoli, crispy potato, olive vin $26
: Atlantic salmon*, gochujang-coconut carrot puree, roasted cauliflower, tarragon oil $23
: 1/2 chicken, roasted winter vegetables, farro, herbed jus $21
: Handmade sweet potato gnocchi, shiitake mushroom, baby kale, rosemary, walnut, sesame $19
: Butternut squash and smoked gouda mac and cheese, sage parmesan crisp $18


: Creme brulee, ask your server for details $8
: Baba au rhum bread pudding $9 
: Ultimate milk and cookies $5

Before placing your order please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

When preparing your allergy orders, we strive to take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of our Guests. We do not, however, have separate fryer, grills, ovens or other designated equipment, and there are other items within the kitchen that contain allergens. Those with severe allergies are advised to take these factors into consideration. 

*May be served raw or undercooked. 

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry or eggs may result in foodborne illness.